MINISTER of Health and Wellness, Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic congratulated the historic first graduands of the American University of Barbados, School of Medicine and in his address spoke of partnerships between the university and his ministry regarding community well-being. The Minister, who was the chief guest at the inaugural graduation for the institution, recognised the quality of teaching at the technologically advanced school and highlighted the ongoing community care programme that commenced in 2019. “AUB instills intellectual curiosity, a passion for learning as well as an understanding of one’s role in the local community which is important in a diverse global society; in May of 2019 the University started an initiative to offer a charitable venture which involves free consultation and healthcare to the Barbadian community that are most vulnerable, that is the sick and the elderly, as a wayof giving back to this country北京福利彩票.” Bostic resolved that such a gesture was good for the students as it opened their eyes to their civic responsibility to embrace the philosophy of the university. The minister also pointed out that institutions like AUB with such programmes of taking care of those around them, gave them a competitive advantage in the societies in which they operate. “In addition it engenders in the DNA of the student body, the need to be compassionate and put into practice the Hippocratic Oath to which they swear. I believe in all sincerity that this is something that my ministry can embrace and join with you and enhance in terms of getting your student body a bit more involved in some of the community medical initiatives that we are pursuing.”

Regarding the threat of non-communicable diseases, Bostic announced that the Ministry of Health and Wellness was embarking on a project to aid the community of Barbados to better manage diabetes and hypertension. He also stated that a partnership with the AUB would be beneficial to both parties as it would give students further experience before graduating and transitioning to the world of medical practice as well and providing top health care for the community. “There are several opportunities for young intelligent minds to rise up to the new challenges of our time so that our future remains a bright one. The Ministry of Health and Wellness acknowledges the medical profession which proficiently upholds the quality of medical care of the public and private sectors in our country北京福利彩票.” The minister reiterated that he along with those on hand, were present to recognise and celebrate the graduation of persons that had worked hard and sacrificed many things over the years to progress individually and had finally come to a point where they could confidently ply their special skills for the benefit of society. Lastly Bostic promised that the Ministry of Health and Wellness would continue to explore innovative ways to provide quality and affordable healthcare to those in need including 24-hour polyclinics.